All I Want for Christmas

Eventually, you get to a point where you realize there isn't enough time. Maybe it was the shopping trip this week that sent you into a frenzy because you couldn't find five items on your list. The family gathering that started two hours later than they said it would, which made you late for some other function. Or perhaps that final day of work had so much activity crammed into it that you are surprised your head didn't simply explode. Whatever the reason...this is where I find myself on Christmas Eve of 2015.

I think a lot of us have equated success with being busy. If we've got a full plate with a phone that rings nonstop and a schedule that barely gives us room to breathe, then we've got it made. We are "in demand" - a hot commodity in a world where networking is just as crucial to your career as the actual work. We are supposed to ride that wave until it fizzles out, then reinvent ourselves to get that same kind of hype all over again.

The thing is that I don't meet a lot of happy busy people. Instead, I meet a lot of tired, cranky and stressed individuals, especially in New York City. These are the folks yelling at the baristas in Starbucks on an average morning. They're busy, after all. Far too busy for things like politeness. I've had meetings with colleagues in recent weeks that look so weary, you'd think there was some tragedy going on.

"No," they say, "I've just got too much to do."

Here's the thing: No one has ever sat on their death bed saying, "Man, if only I had scheduled one more meeting today, I could die in peace." Life is meant to be lived. So in the midst of this I can say what I'm wishing for myself and for you in 2016:  the time you need to live for YOU.

As always, I hope you all find light & love on your paths in this life. Enjoy the journey. Make memories. And mostly - enjoy peace.

Olivia Magdelene, D.D.