The Age of Gemini

Atlantis Rising
Salvaged Sculpture Work


Once a long time ago,
an old woman told an interesting story
about the Age of Gemini

She said Lahmu of Atlantis
declared war on Geb of the Desert,
angered by the arrogance of Kemet
in refusing to recognize his daughter Kishar
as the equal of Aset
after sharing their subterranean alchemy
on copper, metal ores & gold

Geb in his anger

declared Aset had no equal,
ceased all mining on their behalf
& summoned Ra against them

A fireball from Heaven struck the oceans,
submerging the kingdoms of Atlantis, Mu
& others too numerable to mention
just after Lahmu's general and son Anshar
froze the air

As judgment,
Lahmu's descendants stranded on land
by The Great Flood
were stripped of all knowledge
including that their ancestry
came not from the Heavens
but from the Sea

But as karma,
Kemet would one day
see its own knowledge distorted
by a foreign people recovering from
the Ice Age Catacylsm
on newly separated continents
this same war caused.