The Surface of Venus

The Gypsy & the Violin
8" x 10" mixed media on canvas


There is a
wide gap
between who you are
and the mask you wear

From this crevice
will eventually rise
an erratic waltz
so hauntingly familiar
that you will recognize
you've stood
on this edge before

But this time,
you take a breath
and leap in the dark

A vision blossoms
of a thousand ballet dancers
swaying like swans with approval,
a Gypsy woman in vintage dress
plays your beautiful sorrows
on a violin,
ten nuns hold hands
around you
in an everlasting circle
of protection

And suddenly you are aware
of the wings you've always had
that you ignored
to what they wanted,

Your heart is already
the surface of Venus,
but your feet are
no longer standing
on the underbelly of Mars

you've become
an extraordinary creature
walking on air.