Sympathetic Anestheia

An 8" x 10" mixed media on canvas


I'll morph into any drug
to help you deal
with this synthetic existence

I'll give you the high of fulfilling
every failure's dream

I am the embodiment
of your every refutation
I am sympathetic anesthesia
here to numb your screams

I'll listen to your echoed misery
& hold the abyss of your guilt
You can forget it all with one drink, baby
No cares that you spilled the milk

I can erase every delusion

of what normalcy should mean
so that you're grinning madly
while you paint your life obscene

I'm your sympathetic anesthesia

& you're the addict I've got chained
You keep saying you don't need me, baby
but you'll crawl back to avoid your pain

Denial can't erase Addiction's kiss
so I'll just take all you've got to give 
Because you'll always have to fight me, baby
Until the day you decide to live.