In Front of the Cameras

"The Emperor's New Clothes"
7" x 10" mixed media on paper


Too much of these things exist in the World:

Hatred, Distraction, & Obfuscation,
 distort the Truth 
Violence, Ignorance, & Hunger
sacrifice our Youth 
Coldness, Shallowness & Illusions
focus on Self Gain 
Disillusion, Idleness & Boredom
birth societies of Pain 

Too few of these things exist in the World:

Laughter, Smiles & Collaborative Endings
connect Humanity
 Education, Intelligence, & New Beginnings
shape our reality
Acceptance, Compassion & Conscious Stillness
ease the daily grind
Love, Humor & Interconnection
leave no one behind

But until we cease being entertained
& choose to be informed,
Power will continue creating theater
while We endure their scorn.