16" x 20" mixed media on canvas


Come now, Pawns, 
dance to the song of the labyrinth within
for our Demigods have grown pompous
from creative accounting and caviar sins

The Bishop controls the King and Queen; 
Knights shout over who's at fault;
while the Rook sweats before the cameras
over the empty coffers inside the vault
Then one Pawn is sacrificed
& the Empire comes to a halt,
yet this ailing beast made lame from greed
treats its wounds with salt

It raises impotent arms towards Masters 
watching across a Chessboard made of Lives
as the Desperado approaches
with an endless supply of knives
for each dagger is made of water
& forged from truth archived
because not one Master
can untangle the beast from its own lies:

The 24th Move.